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How I’ll work with your barrister or advocate

If you are charged with a criminal offence, then, in most contested matters, I will instruct a specialist advocate to present your case in court. I can (and do) conduct trials in the magistrates’ court, but the reality is that most of my time is spent investigating a client’s case rather than being in court […] Read more

How can you defend someone you know is guilty?

One of the most frequent questions that I am asked by non-lawyers is: “how can you defend someone who you know is guilty”. The simple, pithy, answer is “that’s my job”, but, in truth, it is way more complicated than that. “Legal guilt” is not the same as “factual guilt” Secondly, “legal guilt” is different […] Read more

How I intend to defend you if you are charged with a criminal offence

If you’re charged with a criminal offence then you’re going to want to get the best legal representation that you can afford, from a rated criminal defence solicitor. The consequences of an adverse outcome are obvious (loss of reputation, broken personal relationships, loss of freedom, etc.) and if you instruct me I will do all […] Read more

Why do I need a solicitor when I have done nothing wrong?

It’s common for the innocent to question why they need to hire a solicitor, much less a leading criminal lawyer, when they have done nothing wrong; “the truth will out” – isn’t that the phrase?  This lack of appreciation is shared by many lawyers, who regard the trial as the crowning glory of our criminal […] Read more

What determines the fee a criminal defence solicitor charges?

Obviously, the fee that a criminal defence solicitor charges his client (if paying privately) is determined by, usually, his hourly rate multiplied by the time it takes for the lawyer to complete his / her work. I will normally offer my clients a fixed or graduated fee depending on the circumstances of a case, but […] Read more

What does a criminal solicitor (litigator) actually do?

Despite the numerous television programs and films depicting the job of a (usually American) criminal defence lawyer, I am not sure that the general public really understands or appreciates the job that we do. What is a criminal lawyer? The term “criminal lawyer” is generic and used to describe anyone who is a licensed legal […] Read more

Why abandon (publicly-funded) legal aid criminal defence work?

I no longer provide publicly-funded criminal defence services and I am often asked: “why have you abandoned legal aid”? The simple answer is that I haven’t; my firm is a leading provider of publicly-funded criminal defence services and I am proud of the work we do to protect all of our clients’ basic legal and human […] Read more

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