Jim has been a specialist criminal litigator for over 29 years and is widely regarded as one of the UK's best criminal lawyers, and consistently ranks as a top criminal solicitor in the leading industry directories.  He runs his own exclusively private client firm with Richard Egan, representing businesses and individuals seeking advice, assistance and representation in relation to criminal and/or regulatory enforcement action in England and Wales.

Jim Meyer has a wide-ranging practice that covers both general crime and criminal fraud cases. Interviewees describe him as "efficient, enthusiastic and determined," and he was recently instructed in a corruption investigation in the Turks & Caicos Islands - Chambers & Partners

Jim’s practice is focused on defending business crime and regulatory enforcement matters.

Business crime and regulatory enforcement lawyer

Jim has acted in some of the UK’s most high profile criminal cases but his practice is now focused on defending business crime and regulatory enforcement matters. He heads his firm's Health and Safety Enforcement Department, representing the Health and Safety Executive as one of only 3 solicitor agents contracted to prosecute on their behalf in the South East of England. He also acts in relation to matters prosecuted by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency, both in relation to criminal prosecutions and public inquiries conducted by any one of the eight Traffic Commissioners in Great Britain, as well as investigations and prosecutions conducted by local authorities (including consumer and environmental health protection) and the Environment Agency.

Jim Meyer handles business-related crime. Sources agree that "he is good to have on side for his enthusiasm and determination." In addition to a substantial fraud caseload, he recently defended the first mate of a pleasure boat against allegations of corporate manslaughter - Chambers & Partners

Jim specialises in advising company directors and other professionals facing investigation by prosecuting agencies and other regulatory bodies, as well criminal litigation matters that can properly be regarded as complex either because of the legal issues involved, their size in terms of volume of evidence or because of their media profile.

Defending criminal justice

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that nowadays the current system of public funding by way of legal aid does not give an accused a real choice of representation, and in many cases the fee is so small that a publicly-funded lawyer, no matter how good his/her intentions are, will be unable to devote the sort of resources to a case that clients want and expect. This is why Jim now undertakes his work on a private retainer only.

Whilst Jim no longer personally undertakes publicly funded work, he continues to campaign and lobby for equal access to justice for all. Hisprevious law firm continues to be at the forefront of criminal justice, and if you are unable to pay privately for a criminal defence solicitor then you can email Jim and he will do his best to recommend a lawyer to represent you. Jim served as an officer for the London Criminal Courts Solicitors' Association for many years (he was elected as the Association's President in 2011), representing the interests of solicitors practising criminal law in England and Wales. Jim also acts in an advisory capacity to the Law Society in relation to issues effecting criminal litigators. Jim joined the profession to fulfill his ambition of working as a criminal legal aid lawyer, and whilst he is no longer able to personally undertake publicly funded work he is committed to ensuring the restoration of "access to justice", so that everyone in the UK, regardless of their personal circumstances, is afforded the opportunity to instruct a quality lawyer of their choice.

Criminal law expert

Like any conscientious lawyer, Jim keeps up with all the latest legal developments. That should (and does) not distinguish from him from all of the other dedicated professional criminal solicitors and advocates: it goes without saying that any lawyer worth their salt is up-to-date and can apply the latest case precedent or procedural change to maximise their client’s prospects of achieving the best possible result.

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