[2009] EWHC 866 (Admin) [2009] EWHC 866 (Admin)

The Care Standards Tribunal had given inadequate reasons to justify a conclusion that an individual, whose name had been included in the Protection of Children Act list, should not remain on another statutory list, namely the Protection of Vulnerable Adults list. The tribunal did not appear to have addressed a decisive issue in the case, namely the question of public confidence.

[2007] EWCA Crim 2658 [2007] EWCA Crim 2658

A judge in determining the amount of a confiscation order had been entitled to accept the prosecution case as to the benefit derived by the offender.

[2002] EWHC 698 (Admin) [2002] EWHC 698 (Admin)

Although the future care element of an award of #1,141,582 for brain damage caused by violent shaking in infancy was not generous, there were no grounds for quashing it.