Solicitor with expertise in defending clients accused of consumer protection criminal offences (including product safety and food safety offences)

Jim Meyer is recognised for his expertise and experience in defending clients accused of business crime, including those relating to general "consumer protection".  That term covers a gamut of offences, but in this context relates to:

Whether you are a company, unincorporated organisation or a private individual accused of criminal wrong-doing under any of the above headings, Jim can help.

👉 You want to achieve the best possible result 👈

  • Avoid any enforcement action altogether
  • Avoid damaging court proceedings
  • Avoid criminal conviction
  • Mitigate sentence
  • Avoid publicity

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Assembling the right legal team to advise and actively defend you will be one of the most important actions that you take.

Jim Meyer will do all that he can to ensure the best possible outcome.

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