Mount your own private prosecution and instruct a leading crime lawyer

You can instruct a leading criminal lawyer, like Jim Meyer, to mount a private prosecution on your behalf. Follow the example of others, including the HSE and the DVSA, and hire Jim to provide you with top-rated criminal prosecution and enforcement services.

With over 27 years experience as a criminal litigator, including 19 years prosecuting matters on behalf of government regulators and enforcement agencies, Jim offers bespoke prosecution services to companies and individuals alike. He will give you honest, straightforward advice in relation to your prospects of success, the merits of initiating proceedings, and the likely cost.

Criminal prosecutions are not just the work of the Crown Prosecution Service, the Serious Fraud Office or the other statutory prosecuting authorities

Section 6(1) Prosecution Offences Act 1985 provides the right for individuals and companies to bring a private prosecution; the advantage to you in doing so is speed and control.

Private prosecutions are also generally cheaper than civil litigation and the threat of a criminal record, a potential sentence of imprisonment and confiscation proceedings makes the threat of private prosecution a massive deterrent against others who may wish to do you harm.

If you are the victim of crime you can pursue a private prosecution process and hire legal support and services of your choosing – you don’t have to rely on the police or an industry regulator. If you’ve been turned down elsewhere or have waited months (or even years) to achieve justice, you should consider instructing Jim to advise on the merits of initiating your own private prosecution. He will assemble a hand-picked team of experts and investigators to give you the best prospects of success.

If you hire Jim Meyer as your lawyer, you aren’t just buying his time; you’ll benefit from his obsessive compulsion to dig into the detail of your case and to exhaust all lines of inquiry in an effort to secure you the best result.

Relevant cases related to private criminal prosecutions

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