Criminal Practice and Procedure

All lawyers should know the law in relation to the practice and procedures applicable to the specific areas they work in; but knowing the law and successfully applying it are two different things. If you're facing a criminal allegation then you want a lawyer who will exploit the law so that its rules are applied most favourably to your circumstances. You don't want, or need, a lawyer who simply:

  • Acts as an observer;
  • Is there to "maintain a balance between the investigating authority and you";
  • Imparts legal information but doesn't give you advice or the benefit of his / her opinion.

👉 You want to achieve the best possible result 👈

  • Avoid being charged in the first place
  • Avoid being refused bail if charged
  • Avoid conviction if charged
  • Avoid imprisonment
  • No punishment
  • Avoid publicity

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Assembling the right legal team to advise and actively defend you will be one of the most important actions that you take.

Jim Meyer will do all that he can to ensure the best possible outcome.

Jim will act solely in, and actively pursue, your best interests

Obviously, you need to make the key decisions in your case because, after all, you will be the one who has to live with them. But that doesn't mean your lawyer simply shrugs his shoulders and says "it's a matter for you"; what you need is a lawyer, like Jim, who:

  • Cares what happens to you;
  • Wants to get you the best achievable result;
  • Acts solely in and actively pursues your best interests;
  • Protects and advances your legal rights to ensure you a fair and just outcome;
  • Promotes your case and ensures that the key decision makers understand what you have to say and do their job properly.

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