[2018] UKSC 33 [2018] UKSC 33

In its ordinary and natural meaning, “proceedings in a criminal cause or matter” in the Justice and Security Act 2013 s.6(11) included proceedings by way of judicial review of a decision made in a criminal cause, and nothing in the context or purpose of the legislation suggested a different meaning.

A prison governor’s decision that a prisoner serving a mandatory life sentence should attend a court hearing by video link rather than in person did not breach ECHR art.6, and the prison had not fettered its discretion.

[2018] EWHC 1603 (QB) [2018] EWHC 1603 (QB)

The High Court granted a local authority an injunction to restrain illegal street cruising in its local area.

The Serious Fraud Office was entitled to a civil recovery order under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 in respect of £4.4 million held in a UK bank account representing the proceeds of sale of the defendant’s shares in a Canadian company which had provided corrupt inducements to foreign officials. The defendant had acquired the shares at a nominal price as part of the company’s corrupt arrangements to induce Chadian officials, including her husband, to procure the grant of oil production rights in Chad.

The court made a certificate of inadequacy where a defendant’s realisable property was inadequate to meet a confiscation order made against him. The confiscation order amount had been calculated by reference to the value of a number of properties, and the evidence showed that for various reasons they were not going to realise what had initially been estimated.