[2013] EWHC 4119 (Admin) [2013] EWHC 4119 (Admin)

Where the Independent Police Complaints Commission had referred a complaint to the police for investigation instead of performing the investigation itself, it had been entitled to refuse to reconsider that decision even though an internal report expressed concern about the fairness of the chosen procedure. The particular complaint had been through both a complaints investigation and a judicial review process, and the commission had been entitled, if not obliged, to conclude that the matter had therefore been conclusively determined.

[2005] EWHC 979 (Admin) [2005] EWHC 979 (Admin)

It had not been open to magistrates to acquit a defendant of contravention of a stop notice where the only evidence going to the principal issue was from a local authority enforcement officer and the rejection of his evidence was inadequately reasoned.

An unsuccessful appeal against an employment tribunal’s decision that a married police officer had been indirectly discriminated against on the ground of her sex and had been directly and indirectly discriminated against on the ground of her marital status when a promotion to her husband’s division in the same police force was rescinded.

Guideline case on the factors to be considered by the Parole Board in deciding whether to grant parole and the detail to be included in the decision letter to the prisoner.